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28/08/2020 3:20 pm legit source

DragonPharma.Net Supplier

If you want to be secure about getting your order on time and in general this is the place to go and having the free mind of knowing your gear is the real deal then your in the right place. I only placed two orders with them so far but i will stay a loyal costumer for years to come! I highly recommend!!!

Communication is consistent and great timing no issues.

Packaging is very discrete and well protected very professional. tracking and shipping info is given to you asap its shipped which is usually 1-2 days after payment is confirmed. Shipping takes 2 weeks, can't beat that for international shipping!!!!


DP test e 250 x3

DP mast 100 x3

DP turan (10 pack)

hcg 5000 ius


DP test e 250 (10 pack)

DP mast 100 (10 pack)

DP turan (10 pack)

I'm running test e 250 for 12 weeks at 600 mg a week and mast 100 at 300 mg a week. The turan I'm running as a starter to speed up the cycle effects at 50mg a day for 6 weeks!! The gear is the real deal no fakes no gimmicks cant go wrong with Dragon Pharma gear. No pain after injection so no complaints here! Highly recommended!!

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02/09/2020 10:45 am  

This was my 4th order with DP.

Communication was great. I received all emails within 48 hours. At one point I asked to change my shipping address after the oder was paid for and it was done by the next morning.

Package was delivered 9 days after paid for. Everything was right and tight. It was very discrete and perfect for fragile materials. All was in one piece and accounted for just like always.

dragon pharma test E

Dragon pharma test C

Dragon pharma deca 300

The test E feels great so far. The deca has had enough time to kick in really but im really looking forward to the next couple months. Im taking 400 mgs a week of both and ill run these for about 12 weeks. I plan on running Dragon pharma nolva PCT that i purchased a while back. also: very little too no pip, and product is always nice and clean.

Theres a reason I have ordered from these guys 4 times now. Its great service, great selection, great prices, and if they screw shit up then they fix it immediately.