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Becoming tight( cardio) concerned about muscle loss

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Hey guys. Im 160 pounds. Nothing special to look at body wise but im trying. Im 5'9 and 26. I was really in good shape this summer. I lost a load of fat and gained a bit of muscle and finally owned a real sets of abs. I loved those abs like life itself but this past few months i was gonna try the bulking thing and did but crazy as it sounds its not for me. I want to stay at about 160 to 170 and beciome ripped again but right now im somewhat skinny again with no abs anymore due tyo tring to bulk. How can i add a bit of decent size as well as get my abs back by doing cardio and not lose muscle while doing cardio so intensely

Im concerned that if i cardio to much ill lose my precious little arms and shoulders/ chest etc etc that i have but i want to get ripped again. I assume i have to turn it up hardcore in the gym to prevent this.

Anyone understand me?? This upper body of this dude is what i wanna look like.

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Get a good nutritional program going, a good eca stack, hone your workouts, and add a cycle w/ test in during the intense cutting phase to help preserve lean muscle........

Best bet is a couple short cycles. Eat and train for muscle, then change it up and train for cuts for 4 to 6 weeks, then back to mass, then back to cuts. I actually do mini cycles as far as my diet goes, each week. This way my metabolism never completely slows down. every 5 days, I kick the carbs and total calories up for a day or two, then back down again.....

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Bump for Titan!

Short cycles work wondes IMO.
Use Titaniums advice and you will be very happy with the results.