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A Good Diet

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I need a good clean diet to go along with my protein now. I would like some suggestions if anyone has any. My husband has a good diet but his is for helping him gain weight and lately I have been doing the same. 🙂 I know that I need to get on the ball with my cardio again. I can do the tuna and chicken thing but I am lost when it comes to breakfast. HELP!

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Have you ever tried carb cycling? I did a carb cycling diet for my competition last month and during the 9 week dieting I lost very little LBM and was able to keep my lifts up until the last 2 weeks. It was the leanest I've ever been and the diet was great. Let me know if you would like any info on it 😀

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I'm experimenting with a CKD diet right now, simply so I can speak to my clients based on actual experience, rather than something I read or studied.

As far as fat loss is concerned it appears very effective when done properly. However, due to the decreased fruit and vegetable intake, my antio-oxidant levels dropped significantly. This is a major concern, IMHO. The more you workout, the more free radicals are generated, and combine that with decreased anti-oxidant levels, and you have a dropping body defense score, less ability to recover, greater cellular damage, and a weakened ammune system to name a few.

Other issues I note are carb cravings for the first couple days of the cycle; monotony in your diet, unless you have time to cook adequately and get fancy with food preparation, and some lethargy each time I go back to the state of ketosis. Different people have different reactions.

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Was it a breakfast idea you were looking for? I do 12 eggwhites in the am and I put sugar free maple syrup on favorite diet meal. Also, other than another human(eww) eggs are the most absorbable protien you can have.

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I do egg whites and oatmeal... after my hour of cardio hehe:cardio:

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I usually have a coffee black & aspirin before cardio.

Afterwards, oatmeal & 1/2 toast with whey protein or egg whites with green peppers, tuna & hot sauce for flavor.

Other breakfast food worked for me
wheat pancakes mixed with banana
or raisans,fresh blueberries or strawberries these make a sweet cake.

Is low low fat & hi protein
If not familiar with cooking it you can get from
get from health stores dry mix Tofu Scrammbler, Tofu hamburger, salad etc. just mix in the Tofu

Couscous, hummus is good

Dried beans
Garbanzos, lentils, blackeyes, kidney, lima

Other foods include chicken breasts, fish, fish, fish, asparagus, yams, brown rice, salads made with spinach, broccoli raw

I know this asked for breafast but thought other foods maybe of some interest. Hope it is helpful

Dont forget WATER and CARDIO

:beerc stay away from this

good luck

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if you'd like to Pm me your stats I'll be happy to help you w/ a diet....give you some basics to folllow...

also go to great and easy way to kep track of your daily intake and keeps a nice pie chart so you can see yourc carbs/protien/fat intake


breakfast I like a scoop of protien powder in my oatmal