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1Steroids.Net Supplier

This was a painless process that was really the gold standard for what you look for in any source. Everything from the turn around to the quality of the gear was superb. I would definitely recommend everyone to stay with 1Steroids because they are the most reliable source out there and have been for a while.

I never needed to email 1steroids because I never had any problems but I do really like how they kept me up to date with my order via email.

T/A was pretty quick, just under 2 weeks to the states. The packaging was very discreet and well put together, the tabs were in perfect condition and everything looked super professional.

Order was for Kp Stan and KP dbol

I took the dbol for 4 weeks at the start of my cycle and it was outstanding. I got great pumps from week one and my strength steadily increased on each subsequent week. I felt amazing and had zero side effects from the dbol besides some water retention that I actually didn't mind. As for the winstrol, i took that for 5 weeks at the end of my cycle and it worked like a charm. It definitely dried me out and made my muscles look dense and striated while keeping the fullness. My vascularity was sick too! It was obvious that both of these products were properly dosed and I am very happy with my results.

Going to be ordering from 1Steroids.Net again and can't wait to try their KP oils.

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This was my first international order. I went with 1Steroids because of their one stop shopping.. I was pleased with the process all the way through.

To the door across the pond within a few days of the posted delivery times on the website. Two separate pack from diff shipping locations. Folliwed my little goodies all the way with provided tracking numbers. Heads up!!... You may need to track using origin country for a few days.... Hint hint.. It was pure torture watching them sit in customs for about a week.

Tren was as expected increases appitite

Ran at 400 a week gained almost three pounds a week increased aggression shortness of breath cramping and some minor loss of sleep but well worth as i was packing on muscle fastalso running a diff source test e at 350 per week First run using proviron and it really seemed to enhance the test. Lil more sense of well being than usual with just test and increased sex drive... Which is difficult when short of breath. Lol. Ran caber at . 5 mg e3d. To stave off prolactin issues. Had none and certainly increased semen output and seemed to decrease down time by half at least. Which made for a happy gf Used TNE pre workout @ 100 mg bout hour prior to gym and really aided in pushing myself for longer sessions and more focus and aggression during gymtime!

Was very happy with all aspects of this source and will use them in the future

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First time ordering from 1Steroids and I was NOT disappointed! I ordered during the busy Christmas and New Year period, so I expected a delay. Boy was I surprised when I received my HCG about 2 weeks later!

Both were excellent! Clear and timely!

Much quicker than I expected, only about 2 weeks and I'm on the west coast. Discreet packaging and no breakage/leakage of any kind.

Using HCG 10,000iu during cycle and will use as part of PCT. 14 week test only cycle.

I will be ordering more, different, and additional gear within the next week. Thanks 1Steroids!

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1Steroids is a good one stop shop

Always have had all questions answered within a day at the most

All packs have been received within 2 weeks from shipping

I ran the test E for 10 weeks at 500 mgs weekly. Injections are on Monday and Thursday 250 each day.

Testosterone elevation was apparent by week 2 as I was getting goods pumps in the gym and morning wood.

Week 3 weight started coming and the alpha male thing started happening.

Week 4 small dose of ai was needed for small amount of bloat and for caution Pumps were in full swing along with a sense of well being. I also was sleeping like a baby on this test.

By the end of the run I had gained about 7 pounds which is good for me as I usually don't gain a whole lot in that amount of time.

Protein is increased but carbs and calories are restricted this time due to busy time at work.

I injected in the glutes and never had a bit of PIP and the oil is nice and clear.

1Steroids is a great overseas source

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This is a review for KP Test C and KP DBOL, 7Lab Clen and Ultima HCG.

Quick and professional, no issues in customer support.

9 days from payment to doorstep.

  • KP Test C
  • KP Dbol
  • Clenbuterol 40mcg
  • HCG 5000iu

Ran the Test and Dbol with NPP from another source, however the Test and Dbol worked very well. Gained 27 pounds up to pct, then after pct i lost about 8 pounds and been steady around 203-205 on a daily basis since final week of pct. Test blood levels went from 349 to 1120 by week 6. Test C is good to go, i used the test at 600mg a week for 12 weeks. I feel the dbol more or less made me look pumped and full more than size or strength. Did get good pumps however, i used 40mg daily for 5 weeks. Would use again. HCG, pretty sure it did its job, testes did shrink a tad but, and using this I could tell and even my lady mentioned mine have gotten bigger, ill assume this was in part of the hcg, thumbs up. The clen was for my lady so cant say too much, But i know she got the shakes so bad first dose, the second day started half and worked through it. The clen worked out well for her, shes asking for more! maybe next order!

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I am thoroughly pleased with 1Steroids, I have ordered over the internet in the past and the whole process used to seem sketch to me but this was not my experience with 1Steroids. Their customer service is excellent, I even used the live chat feature before ordering and got direct, immediate responses to my questions.

My order was delivered about 13 days after payment was received, VERY fast delivery, it beat the estimated delivery date by like 2 weeks. My order was carefully and very discretely packaged as well.

  • Kalpa Clen
  • Kalpa T3
  • Balkan Clen

Quality was excellent!! I specifically ordered the Kalpa brand because it is lab tested and 1Steroids even provides the lab reports for verification. All the usual sides with the clen, slight jitters, increased temp., etc.. I could definitely tell it was real and working well.

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1steroids is a responsible company

im in business with them 3 yrs now

i am not ancious with my orders they always come within one week

i just sented them a message telling them bravo for their good business

bravo again guys

communication wasnt necessary

i ordered payed and they sent the order straight away

very discreet well wrapped

4 x DP Sust 270 (Sustanon)

2 x DP Test Prop 100

4 x DP Stan 50 (Winstrol injectable)

6 x DP Letrozole (Femara)

2 x DP Clomiphene (Clomid)

6 x DP Bold 200 (Equipoise)

5 x DP Stan 50 (Winstrol tabs)

2 x DP Sust 270 (Sustanon)

3 x DP Tren Acetate 100

i started with 810mg sustanon and 600mg boldenone weekly

3 shots of 1ml each same syringe mon,wed,frid

i was awating to see results in week 4-5 but now im in my 3rd week i have gained 7 kgs with very good rich in protein carbs diet 6 meals a day with no bloat i can still see my upper abs. in gym i have slight difference in power,everyone asks me what am i taking cause i feel like a beasta nd i answer smiling nothing... i take one tab of Letrozole evry night before bed

my clothes dont fit me anymore i feel like a monster

this is a 16 wk cycle

in 10th week im adding tren ace which i tried last summer and it was awesome 100mg eod

and putting winstrol 100mg eod too

im in week 3 and im amazed

DP have very good quality products and i know it cause i compare it with some guys from the gym that are users from other sources

they never have good results like me and everyone is amazed with my body

i will definetaly order from these guys only

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Fully completed 2 orders with 1Steroids. Orders are easy to place. The funds were picked up quickly (within 48 hours) the products arrived discreetly within 10 days from the time I funded them. I have just placed and funded my third order. I have complete confidence that I will receive everything in quick fashion. Additionally I initiated a wire transfer and the communication from 1Steroids has been exceptional.

Various items ordered throughout my last 3 times ordering. Both orals and vials have come in prepackaged condition. I have even been able to verify on the manufacturer's website the validity of the products.

Being a veteran to many products over the years, I speak from experience when I say the effects of products coming from 1Steroids is excellent.

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1STEROIDS.NET gear is of good quality and he runs his business the right way. Costumer first...I have ordered many times from 1STEROIDS and have never had any issues. my review is for Kalpa products only I have not tried any of the others...

They are always great with communication, normally I order and then sit back and wait for the products to arrive. This time we had an issue.. It was neither his fault nor my fault. THINGS HAPPEN... At any rate when the package did not arrive, with the proper documents he resent everything NO CHARGE..

NORMALLY EVERYTHING GETS TO YOU ON TIME.. THIS IS MY 15TH OR SO ORDER. again had an issue and everything was fixed and resent..

the test p is used by my wife so she will do the review however the quality for all Kalpa products are the best that I have used.for me I am on a test C cruise right now and 10 weeks in just had bloods done and my test level is right where I want it to be.. The blood work was done by my primary care doctor he said my levels for a cruse were a little high but not much... I am using 1/2 ml week so about 175mg a week

will speak on the test e in my next review.

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Best place to get gear. Everything went smoothly. Tried out dragon pharma for the first time and it is awesome. If you haven't tried dragon pharma I highly recommend it.

Only had to contact customer support once and they responded back to my question in 3 hours. Customer support very good

Packaging was very discreet no problems with shipping. Received products in 18 days. Everything was packaged securely no broken vials or anything.

4xtesto blend 350 dragon pharma

4xnpp 150 dragon pharma

This gear is Great! I've been on it now 6 weeks dosing 500mgs sus a week and 409mgs of npp a week. Gained 10 pounds so far and my bf has went down quite abit. I have had no pip when injecting my quads. Did my tri'd and they got alittle sore. Recommend injecting into larger muscles no pip at all then.

Will definetly be ordering again soon. Very satisfied with gear and the shipping. Love the dragon pharma very potent stuff!