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British-Dragon.Org Supplier

Been using for years and I'm always 100% satisfied with this source. My last order was 4 x Bd Test Cyp. This Oil is great! The oil is thin with no pip and I notice its effectiveness within 2 weeks of use. I usually pin 24gauge syringes at 500mg a week. 1 cc @ 250mg twice a week, Ive gone up to 800mg a week before, with other cycles, with no problems. I get a little acne after I use the BD test, but it goes away during my pct cycle. When using the Bd Test Cyp seems like I eat more, good food of course. My libido goes off the charts and I get very good pumps with my workouts. My endurance and stamina increases during this cycle and I'm very happy with all my results when using this product. Most definitely be using this again like always.

Communication with BD is always great. I like the email notifications throughout the whole process. Only had to use their support system once in the years using this source and they took care of me on the spot.

Packing is always good as well. Tight and secured. Never broken bottles or tore packaging. Couldn't ask for more.

Quality is really good in my opinion. No pip and I pin it slow with no problems. I usually cycle for 9 weeks and come off it. I wait 2 weeks after my last pin and start my pct. Love using this test with a good A. I. every other day. My workouts increase after 2 weeks of use and it really gets the job done well.

Wish the BD anavar would go on sale!

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Great communication and support, got all my questions answer through their website in a formal and professional manner.

T/A was 20 days.

I used BD Testabol Propionate at 420mg every week for 9 weeks along side with 0.25mg BD Anastrozole every two days. I used BD Turan at 40mg everyday in the first 2 weeks. For PCT i ran Tamoxifen for 30 days at 40/40/20/20. I never had any post injection pain. BD Turan gave me an awesome feeling, energy and great pumps.

At the end of the cycle i gained 6kg and lost 2% bodyfat. After PCT i kept 5kg and gained back 1% bodyfat. Very happy with the results i got from this short and mild cycle thanks to british dragon's products quality.

I will very likely order from again. The prices, promos, sales and quality of products and service are absolutely great and makes it worth ordering international even at the risk of the packages being seized in my "no-reship" country.

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This review is for BD Oxanabol 10mg from Really liked the quality of these. I was using liquid form from another supplier and it made me bloated. Switched to these and leaned out, lost water and was lumped and vascular.

Everything was done automated which made it very easy. Tracking number was received after 5 days and tracked it until I got it from there.

T/A was pretty good. Took about 3 weeks. Packaging was very discreet and small.

Was recommend this source to by a friend and they were exactly as described. Discreet, high quality, good prices and easy order process.

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I would like to say that BRITISH DRAGON is a man of there word. One reason is because My package got taken up and they still sent me a new package like they said they would. All I had to do is show them the letter and they were right on it. They shipped the package that same week. They wrote back to me really fast and they made it really easy.

I ordered

10x BD Test Enanth 250

4x BD Methan 10

My test levels have went up for sure. I have gained 13 pounds in 2 weeks and keeps on going up.

im taking 500 mg of test a week

with 50mg of Methan 50 a day

I have gained so much strength too. It is really good stuff

I will always use BD for here on out. A really good site to you. Thanks Guys

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Posts: 3 once again came through as a top notch supplier. They are the only place I'll ever use due to the high quality, reasonable prices, and fast / discrete delivery.

Online support and quick response times. Answered my questions quickly and without excuses.

Here is what I ordered so far:

  • BD Tren Ace 100
  • BD Test Prop
  • Bromocriptine
  • HCG 5,000 IU

The product was phenomenal. I put on a solid 10 pounds during a cutting cycle and decreased my BF% by 3%. It was a 6 week cycle, ED pinning / bromo. All I can say is an overall great product.

Id order from BD 100X over before I'd consider going anywhere else.

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Everything was done in a professional manner and I have never had a supplier take care of me like BD did

Every question I had was answered within an hour, the service was outstanding from start to finish

T/A was 15 days which is amazing considering the number of packages he had to get out for this month. Everything was packaged tight discreet

I started using the prop as soon as I received it and this stuff is amazing. I was already mid prop cycle and switched from another brand. This stuff without a doubt is the best prop I have used, strength and size up, oily skin, acne which I never get, and ZERO pip which is amazing for 100mg prop.

BD takes good care of his customers, give him a try and you will make him your new go to source guaranteed. I am very impressed with everything from professionalism to quality of gear to how well he treats his customers. You won't be disappointed

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This is my go to source that has not let me down after multiple orders over the past years.

Ordering process was made simple with the instructions they provide for wu. My last order there was a small delay in order getting shipped out. I contacted them and the problem was sorted out, shipped next morning.

Tight and discreet. Package arrived just over two weeks.

  • BD Test E
  • BD Test P
  • BD Clen
  • BD Anavar
  • BD Arimidex

Test E was my first cycle. Started at 500mg a week and gained 15 pounds lean muscle in 10 weeks. Body fat stayed the same. Test Prop was used with anavar and clen. The results were great. started at 198 10% and ended up at about 205 8% over 10 weeks. Test p was dosed at 150 EOD, Anavar at 40mgs for 6 weeks. Clen at 80 2 on 2 off. My diet drifted the last two weeks of cycle and I did not experience any fat gain. Highly recommend their Anavar!!

I have recommended to several friends who now swear by them and will continue spreading the good word as long as this quality stays the same. Customer for life.


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The customer service on this site is the best! products are great and the prices are even better!

This is probably one of the best sites out there for quality products and service.