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This was my first order from Everything arrived in 8 days in a discreet package. They have great customer service. While I was already using tren ace and test enth from another provider I added the dbol tabs, test/dbol injections and switched out the test enth with what I ordered from I also used the Nolva @ 1/2 a pill every 2 or 3 days only as a precaution. My weight has fluctuated around 180lbs. But visible site of muscle growth is above normal and everyone notices. In all strength training, weights have jumped at least 10lbs. Some over 20. Even after taking off for two days. This has all happened in about 2 weeks. Growth list: bench+25, triceps + approx. 15, back + approx. 20, curls+15(some days 20). This is the list only of those that were above 15 because there are too many to list. Awesome provider of awesome products! Using only Dragon Pharma and Kalpa Pharmaceuticals through Customer for life! Keep up the great work!

And for the more highly advanced information, you send them a message and they get back to you by the next day!

My order arrived in 8 days to mid-east USA.

(Kalpa Pharmaceuticals)

  • Testoxyl Enanthate x2
  • Testoxyl Propionate

(Dragon Pharma)

  • Suspension 100
  • Dianabol 100@20mg x3 (1 for self)
  • Nolva 100@20mg
  • Clomid 100@50mg

Using only Dragon Pharma and Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Top notch with no PIP! Usage going on 3 weeks. Adding to or switching from another source/cycle

Test enth 250mg per week, test prop as needed, dbol 40-50mg per day, Test Suspension 1mil per day (just started using 3-4 days ago, Nolva 1/2 a dose every 2 or 3 days, and tren ace 100-150mg per day. Checked all products through the producers of gear. All checked out as valid. First time using so even after researching them I had to verify. All I can say is LEGIT and my NUMBER ONE SOURCE! I'm preparing for a new order at this exact moment. I suggest you do the same. They have any and everything you need or want, even some things you might not need...yet!

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Review on my first order from and my first cycle.

Great communication and support, got all my questions answer through tickets in a formal and professional manner.

T/A was 20 days, had trouble with my country's post office and had to file a complaint.

4x Kalpa Testosterone Propionate

1x Kalpa Anastrozole

1x DP Turanabol

2x Axio Tamoxiplex

I used Kalpa Testosterone Propionate at 420mg every week for 9 weeks along side with 0.25mg Kalpa Anastrozole every two days. I used DP Turanabol at 40mg everyday in the first 2 weeks. For PCT i ran Axio Tamoxiplex for 30 days at 40/40/20/20. I never had any post injection pain. DP Turanabol gave me an awesome feeling, energy and great pumps.

At the end of the cycle i gained 6kg and lost 2% bodyfat. After PCT i kept 5kg and gained back 1% bodyfat. Very happy with the results i got from this short and mild cycle thanks to's Kalpa, DP and Axio products quality.

I will very likely order from again. The prices, promos, sales and quality of products and service are absolutely great and makes it worth ordering international even at the risk of the packages being seized in my "no-reship" country.

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Posts: 5 is the best supplier i have ever used. Price, quality and reliability is what makes number one. 6 orders later and im happy (and big) as ever! is always ready to help when you have a question. i had some questions about payment and product so all i had to do was file a ticket and they litteraly got back to me in 10 mins. great customer service over there

every package i have ever recieved is 100% durable and safe. usualy everything is wrapped tightly in cardboard and tape. never had any issues with packaging. hardest part is opening it up! real pros over there at

i always use Dragon Pharma products.

the tren was smooth. no pip. results were god like.

the anadrol results were monster like.

the test was smooth and i liked that it ever give me oily skin like other brands ive used i did a pretty basic 8 week cycle but had huge results is number 1 in my book. always will be my supplier. its nice not having any fear that you are getting ripped off. its also great knowing all the products are lab tested and legit.

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This was my first order with Etalaze and I can say I wasn't disappointed, great products and service. I was really impressed with the website and all the different product to choose from. Etalaze is always stocked up so you are never waiting for a product to get in, which to me is a big plus.

Communication was good, sent several email and got replies that say day. Other than emails I didn't have any other type of communication with Etalaze but they also have online support.

I received my package 15 day total from start to finish which is very good for international orders.

All Dragon Pharma products except the caber which was Pfizer.

  • 1 x DP Anavar
  • 4 x DP Tren Acetate 100
  • 3 x DP Test Prop 100
  • 2 x DP Aromasin
  • 2 x DP Clomid
  • 1 x Brand Cabaser 1mg

Quality of product was very good, oil was clear and no pip with Tren or Test P.

This was my first time using Tren A so I started really slow at 40mg ED and went up every week 10mg till I reached 70mg ED. By the end of the 12 weeks I was up 15lbs, my pumps were great and sometimes painful and I dropped down in BF which was expected.

Test P 1-12@ 35mgED

Tren A 1-10 @70mgED

Aro [email protected] EOD also ran through PCT

Caber 1-10@ .5 EOD as needed

Clomid 100/100/50/50

Now getting ready to run another cycle in may, can't wait.

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This review is long overdue. This was my first order ever and it went smooth as could be.

Communication was great they let me know my order status and I didn't have to ask any question and before I knew it gear was here.

T/A and packaging was great. Fast, secure and discrete.

My buddy was short on test e for a cycle he was on so I gave him one of mine as 5 test is more then enough for the cycle I have planned. So for the last five weeks of his cycle he switch from some other brand to the DP test and was pleasantly surprised when his lean body weight, strength and libido jumped at the end of his cycle. I used the d-Bol for a 4 week cycle by itself just to test the waters as to what gear really does. I know I should have run it with test or started with test but now I know and am more knowledgeable for my first real cycle. The d-Bol was strong and I loved it. My strength went way up and I gained about 15 lbs and kept 10.

D-Bol was fire and I can't wait to run the test for myself.

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This is going to be a review for my order of DP aromasin and hcg that I got a while back. Etalaze is awesome the website is easy to navigate and most of the products have descriptions about them. They are always running promos and specials so it's easy to get a good deal. I've tried numerous oversea sources and etalaze is one of the best.

I've only opened one ticket and it was really easy to do. Just write your question and bam they usually answer it in 24 hours or less. But I have never needed to communicate once I've placed the order. Just make the donation and wait!

I've ordered several items from etalaze and I would say that the average travel time is 8 business days. I've had 10 vials at a time delivered plus orals and no broken vials or tabs EVER!

Aromasin got my estro levels back to the 40s. The hcg was tested on a prego stick I had lying around from a scare awhile back and this one did say pregnant!

I've ordered from etalaze several times now and never been disappointed!

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They have definitely improved ...placed 3 large orders with them this year everything cones within 2 or 3 weeks...their Dp brands are good ...I'm using letro and Var now I'm satisfied and will use primo in 3 weeks ...

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Etalaze has ALWAYS taken good care of me. They have given me great gear, and have also hooked me up numerous times with free gear to try out. I have made numerous orders with them. They also have everything one could want, it's definitely a one stop shop for anything that has to do with AAS, and then some! They have numerous brands of each product giving plenty of variety and options. Their weekly sales are great too. They have proven themselves to me time and time again, and they are in it for the long run. They thrive on good fast service, reliability, discretion, competitive pricing, and quality. Highly recommend this source to anybody, even if you have never ordered online, trust the process, and know that you have nothing to worry about, and sleep sound knowing that what your ordered will make it to you. And when it does, you will get great gear, and you will grow, and get the effects if you run the gear correctly.

Etalaze has always been good with their responses and communication. From providing tracking numbers, to inquiries about recommendations on products, to just checking in to see how I was doing, and how I was enjoying the products. It's pretty crazy actually. They really care and want us customers to be thrilled with the service/experience that they provide. I have always gotten a response within 24 hours. Granted there is a time difference and all this is pretty good. That being said, I really haven't needed to contact them. Payment is always collected quickly, and package(s) are always shipped out within a few days. Accompanying emails notify of every step throughout the process. Order accepted, payment accepted, payment collected, packages being prepared to be shipped, package shipped with tracking number.....

They are as quick as can be coming from overseas to the U.S. I always get my package within 2 weeks from when I sent the money. Even during busy times of year like now the spring time. Packaging is tight, secure, and discreet as can be. Pressed tablets always arrive in tact without chipped or broken pills. I've had a few broken pills, but never smashed ones. Amps have no problem making it either, and they can be fragile. I've ordered elsewhere and have definitely received my share of oily packages with broken amps enclosed. Not from etalaze though, I've to date, not had any issues with this.

Product quality is exceptional. Kalpa Pharma, Dragon Pharma, etc, these are all products I've come to know and trust from Etalaze. I only get great results from their gear. When I'm on cycle, I always eat clean, keep my protein high, carbs low, and keep a close eye on my macros, and tweak them depending on the season and my plan on what I'd like to achieve on cycle; or off cycle with PCT meds to get my levels back to normal as fast as possible. I have no complaints, and all the products have worked as they should have. And this goes for handfuls of previous orders as well. I'm trying to think of anything negative to say about them, but I can't think of anything. I've never received crashed gear from them or anything contaminated. A+ quality from what I have tried from their site.

I send friends and family to their site all the time. When I'm on cycle, it's difficult to conceal this fact, and I do get a lot of inquiries. Every person I've sent to them that has placed an order has been grateful that I put them on to Etalaze, and they have bettered their body composition and beaten their PR's as a result. Same goes for me. I always write this, but if any of you forum members wants to contact me, send me a FR and shoot me a PM, I'll gladly give you my experiences with this company further than I have written here. I'm also grateful to the AZSteroids community for putting me onto a source of this nature with such a great reputation and pride in what they do. I get the same experience as if I was dealing with a retail store! And this is pretty much frowned up by the legal authorities in most countries. Have fun!

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This is now my 4th order with ETALAZE and I will continue to order through them. Top notch all around. I recommend all the DP products!

the Communication and support from the date of the order to delivery was outstanding. I have ordered from other sites before but ETALAZE is the best, hands down!

The turn around time was 14 days from order to doorstep.

This by far was the best Tren I have ever used. I was on for a 3 month cycle and the gains were amazing! No PIP and smooth from day one. I cycled this with DP Test E and DP var and in gave me ripped look and the strength of a truck!

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I ordered from Etalaze for my first cycle ever. I was very skeptical about ordering gear online, but thanks to the good people of AZSteroids, I built up the confidence to do it and man am I glad I did.

I did not need to contact. Instructions were clear and precise.

Packaging was very discreet and thoroughly wrapped. T/A to my door was literally 11 days from date of pick up.

I've finished my cycle and I'm 2 weeks into my PCT. The pills are definitely legit, had itchy nips and anastrozole knocked it within 2 days (during cycle). Been having trouble with the big man downstairs, but I finally got it up last night. (Pretty sure that's a good sign) My cycle was 100mg EOD for 8 weeks. I've packed on 19 pounds. I am in amazement with the results. I'm suprised I've read bad things about Dragon Pharma but I really have to say I am blown away. I absolutely love the way I look, and the way I feel. I've always been a hard gainer and with the DP test, I was growing every single night. I do have to say however the PIP was pretty harsh the first two weeks. It didn't really effect my workouts. Honestly it went away though after that.

I will forever continue to use Etalaze gear. Also I want to say thank you to everyone who does review their real experiences. I was confident in Etalaze because of this thread and I am happy to pay it forward. Etalaze comes highly recommended from me.

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It was my first order from Etalaze, the site is HUGE with tons of products at a good price;

I ordered some orals and ancillaries and I received the order 10 days after the shipping confirmation

Pretty standard, I didn't need any direct communication since the site was already clear about what to do and how

Multiple packages for the order, each one disguised in a different way, I'm pretty satisfied!

  • DP Anavar
  • DP Win
  • DP Clomid
  • Aldactone
  • Kamagra

Anavar gave steady gains, as expected from DP products

Friends tried the other products with good results

I haven't used aldactone for a long period, but it's a pharmaceutical one, it should be good

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Etalaze is good to go., I ordered 6 Tren Ace and 2 Masteron. The Pin from both was easy and already feeling the pump and night sweats from the Tren. This stuff is awesome. It only took about 9 days from payment to receive the items which were discretely packaged. This was my first order from Etalaze and there will surely be many to follow. Make sure you check them out and check back weekly for their product of the week. These products are always 50% and usually the best of the best. I am definitely a Etalaze follower from here on out. Thanks again.

Communication and support was fast and easy. They always responded in a timely manner.

Package came discretely packaged and everything was wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection.

6 Bottles of Trenbolone Acetate and 2 bottles of Masteron Prop

300 MG Tren EOD

300 Masteron EOD Products are spot on. I get nice pump and sweats from Tren.

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Absolutly amazing service

Communication and support were absolutely on point and one of the best I have experienced. I would email and no less then 2 hours later bam I would have a response.

packing was absolutely on point the best secured packing from across the pond, 7 days to my doorstep is pretty dam fast. faster then some domestic sources on here.

  • 4 Axiolabs Tren A
  • 4 Axiolabs Test P
  • 4 Axiolabs Deca

Im into week 4 on all three compounds and strength and size are going CRAZY, people stare at me when im working out im in my zone and just animal. bench went from 295-335 squat went from 505-555. little agression on the tren and the deca is defiantly helping my joints, cant wait to compete in about a month

everyone should give a shot defiantly worth it

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I was order many many times on ETALAZE already , every time make me and my friend so happy . Looking for other order soon .

Very good communication and support , every time i have any questions will answer me very fast and helpful .

From first time to this time the packaging is very good , never make me disappoint .

  • 2 x BD Stanabol 10 (Winstrol tabs)
  • 14 x BD Oxanabol (Anavar)
  • 2 x BD Clenbuterol Hydrochloride

These product is for two guys 12weeks cycle 70mg anavar 1-7 weeks 50mg winstrol 8-12 weeks clen 2 weeks on 2weeks off 80mcg per day , only one guy have winstrol . They all having very good result , of course the guy have winstrol will have better result then the guy don't have winstrol . They start cycle two weeks already , one guy loosing 4lbs and other loosing 3lbs fat . Of cause they will have must more better result when they finish the cycle .

Waiting my new order already and hoop every one can try the products from ETALAZE !!!!

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Lets just say this, shipping is awesome and always quick. No complaints at all. Now getting onto the Tren. Amazing product is all I can say. I took a little while off from working out and eating right and after 3 weeks I was already seeing new veins popping up everywhere and my strength and size went up. Definitely well worth it. Ordering this again for my next cycle.

Great communication, quick responses and quick pick up of payment.

Tren, Dbol, Test-E, Sustanon

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