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RoidsMaLL Supplier

Roidsmall has come through like clockwork on every order I've purchased. I love their selection of pharma grade products. One stop shop for everything you need. The "Walmart" of sources.

I've never once had to email them about an order. It was always like clockwork. I place order, I pay for order, wait a few days and received my confirmation email that my order has been shipped.

They have always done their part in getting the product out and into the mail very shortly after my funds were received, which in reality anything after that is not the fault of the source which unfortunately many people fail to realize, they do not deliver the mail as packages have ranged anywhere from 13-28 days. The previous two were both exactly 28 days. BUT was in the mail at the post within 3 days of receiving my funds.

I have zero complaints as of yet for any products I have used.

I am currently using the HCG as I had just finished the same brand but from a different source. Everytime I open a new hcg amp I use a cheap pregnancy test to test the legitimacy of it and of course it came out positive otherwise I would not be using it. Not much else I can comment on this product at the moment, it is legitimate according to the test. The Kalpa's Testoxyl Propionate I am saving to use as a taper off of this cycle. The Testoxyl Suspension is about equal to the average tne I have used prior from other sources. I get the same amount of endurance and stamina that day in the gym as I would using most tne's. there is nothing special about it but that doesn't mean it is a bad product. Is equal to what in my opinion it should be equal to. Nothing more and nothing less. I am 5 weeks in using the Organon Sustanon 250 at 750mg weekly. (1 amp Mon, Wed, Fri). prior to switching to these I was on a top sources Test E using about 850mg weekly and had recent blood work done the week before I switched to these amps and came out with test levels over 10,000! considering I would be running a little less of a dose these I thought for sure I would feel some sort of test crash. I waited and was fully expecting it but luckily it never happened, meaning my levels must be still in a pretty high range. I will almost for sure say they are not over 10,000 but they must have stayed pretty high in order to not crash like i expected. I am about 3 & a half weeks left until I pull my blood work on these. I am looking forward to it and will post the results as soon as I can. I do know I am still making consistent gains, and have every side effect of good test. I am expecting great results.

I have been fully satisfied with their products, their ability to get my packages mailed out soon after funds are picked up, and their selection is unbelievable. Literally a one stop shop. I definitely recommend RoidsMaLL and as long as they stay like this I always will.

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roidsmall is by far the best in the business. I will always use the services and have recommended them to anyone who ever asks for the best. If you use anything else than roidsmall you should just give me your money because you are wasting your time and effort.

Always swift delivery.

2 x KP Turan (Turinabol)

4 x KP Tren Enanth 200

6 x KP Test Prop 100

All products ordered were superior as always. Will always use roidsmall for ordering all of my gear.

I gained 15 lbs. of quality muscle and down 5% bodyfat.

Cant wait for next order with naps!

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There is never any need usually for any communication with this source. You order then wait. Product arrives discreetly packaged

Kalpa Test Cyp x 10

This may be some of the best test I have ever ran. I have broken numerous personal records since starting this test! Great boost of confidence, strength, aggression in the gym and libido running at 500 mg a week for 12 weeks alongside NPP. Am in my 10th week and have gained 16 pounds of lean muscle. I have a very fast metabolism so I never have shown any bloat while on the longer ester. Acne was controlled with Aromasin as well as all other sides. This batch of Kalpa is dosed according to the mass specs posted!

Thanks Roidsmall for being honest and for your excellent product quality

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Making my third order from them at roidsmall.

Quality products every time no matter the lab!

Gain 15lbs lean after post cycle first round and 12 the next. Order was shipped quickly and professionally. This is the right spot to get the good stuff and great deals all the time.

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