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At first I was very skeptical, ive only purchased via internet one time 6 years ago. I stumbled across this great website and read reviews over and over on all websites. I decided to go with kalpapharm because of their choices and great product line. Their prices are pretty amazing too. The only downfall was that it would be shipped internationally but that was the gamble I was willing to take. The waiting game for my order wasn't too fun, as you all know how it is your first time purchasing online, you are just waiting for the mailman to finally deliver your package. It can in T/A so Im not dissapointed at all. It was worth the wait, I will be taking advantage of KP product of the week for my next order. Guys, really knows their shit. Hopefully my next order goes just as good as my last.

Communication was great, Im sure they may have gotten annoyed from all the times I contacted support. What can I say, I was nervous on my first order. They were happy and professional with all their help.

T/A was okay for international shipment, made order on october 6th, funds picked up couple days, and couple more days shipped, received my package october 26th, not too bad.

  • 1 KP Clen
  • 1 KP T3
  • 1 KP Superdrol

I have been on the clen for three days, I could tell its working. The sides are all their, shaky hands, sweaty palms, faster heart rate. As for the t3, its my first time taking it so im not sure what to really feel. I wont be taking superdrol till im done with my cutt but im excited cause its going to be my first time experimenting with drol. I love the labeling on all of KP's products, very professional.

So here's the kicker, A week or so after I got my package another package came in the mail and to my amazement it was another order of the previous. So i got my order x2. I don't know if this was a mishap or if KALPAPHARM is just that damn amazing to send my two orders for my wait. I thank you KP, I will be ordering again soon!!

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First time dealing with Very pleased, all emails responded quickly and gear arrived on time. Will definitely recommend and use again.

Very discreet packaging and no problems with customs.

On 3rd week. Been taking 500mg test cyp weekly and 400mg npp. So far so good. Up 6 lbs, all my lifts up. Very pleased and looking to make another order soon.

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I got hurt playing football and had some serious pain that wouldn't go away. In the past my Dr has given me Medrol for the pain, so I ordered that with some clen to do a quick cut. The medrol was like the fountain of youth. Stuff works wonders.

Communication was great, gave me updates in each phase. Received payment, Processing, then finally shipped.

Packaging was great everything came in tact

the quality was outstanding. It was like I went to my local pharmacy and got it from them directly. I will definitely use again.

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This is a great source is always a go to source

Not much comunication needed . ordered sent funds , recived order

Recived my package in 2 weeks,, very fast for international shippiing, i was happy with the time,, and my package arrived packaged safe n secure, nothing broken or missing

The proviroxyl was great,, used 50mgs daliy, it nust made my test npp cycle smoother it really helps with freeing up the test to do its job and it makes the muscle alot harder,, i usd the npp for 14 weeks for joints, it worked great i was able to lift heavier without any shoulder prolems, i gained 15lbs of lean muscle on a lower dose, it made my workouts alot smoother and pain free, Kalpa products are gtg,,

I will be placing another order soon great service and great products at a good price , u know what ur getting with KP!

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