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If you are looking to order international you really can't go wrong with He offers multiple different brands which all have a great reputation. was actually one of my first orders. Me and a buddy went in on a pretty big order together a few years ago after we discovered AZsteroids and barely understood how to navigate through the site, but we discovered and went to the site and were in shock at how cheap the prices were and the many different compounds available. We had never heard of a lot of the compounds before that and we were in shock at how much cheaper we could get gear for through compared to what we were paying locally. communication and customer support is probably the best you will deal with when shopping in this market.

Very Creative

2 x DP Test E

2 x DP Deca 250

Ran Test/Deca for 12 weeks. Ended up finishing the last 2-3 weeks with some leftover test from a previous cycle, but it was a different brand and not from It was my first time running deca and the results were amazing. If I remember right I gained about 30lbs while losing a ton of fat mass around the mid section. Strength gains were great and I always felt like I could go heavier on my lifts without worrying about injury. I fell in love with deca my first run and I really believe it is because of the quality of gear that supplies. is probably one of the best in this game and he is a very generous source. Thanks! Keep killing it sir.

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I receieved my 4th order form As always the shippment arrived on time and well packaged. This order was for a cycle of DP gear. The DP Test 250is GTG, The DP Deca is GTG, The DP Oxy is GTG. has great products and fast shipping. All gear I have gotten has been GTG. I will be placing another order. Keep up the good work

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I have ordered numerous times from and I have not yet had any bad experiences. has always promptly returned my inquiry emails and their "live online support" on their website is extremely convenient. I have previously ordered and used their Gen Shi Sust, while on this I got all the expected sides and gains, i was pretty strong to the point I had to dose down, their stuff is G2G. I just recently ordered some more Sciroxx sust, eq, and var. My order is still in transit and 'semi-shipped', so some of my stuff is on the way but i'm still waiting for the confirmation email for the rest of my stuff. always responds and always alerts me when my payment is received and when my items ship and I always receive my stuff fast. I highly recommend! I'll post an update in a month or so on the quality of the products I ordered.

Best communication so far out of the 3-4 other sources i've used.

Packaging always discrete

Sciroxx Sust

Biomex Var



Haven't used the product from this batch yet. I have had great gains from the same product on my last order, but I will post update in about a month

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